Monday, October 22, 2012

One LAST Post.....


Relax....I'm just moving my blog!  This will be the last post here on my Blogger blog.
All of my blog content from the last 3 years will still be here indefinately in case you have things bookmarked, etc. All NEW posts will be over on my new blog at

Yippee skippee! I am soooo excited to have you all visit me at my new home.

Thank you all for your support while I have been putting together this new place for my blog, new galleries (coming soon), and wait for it!.....the Archived Ustream Videos ...... Yes!.... REALLY!!!

Come over and check it out....I even have prizes! See you over there!!



  1. Umm the link says page is not available

  2. Geez, spelled it wrong! correct now!

  3. Packed my bags and heading over to the new place!

  4. You are so funny!! Love your humor! Yay for the new spot too!!! Thank you for all your hardwork and thinking of us!

  5. Sniff, sniff, bye The Paper Trail. I've got my bags packed too. And hitching a ride with sunflower......Bye......

  6. How exciting! Heading over there now....

  7. It´s not easy to make another blog better than this. Congrat.!!!!

  8. Blog looks great. So much in one place. You rock, Laura. Could you have known back in 2009 that it would turn out to be so big?

  9. Oh my I am so glad I found your blog. I've been following your blog for two weeks now and can't get enough of your wonderful albums. :D You are so inspirational and look forward to viewing all your stuff. I am a follower on email, your blog and YouTube.

  10. I enjoy your video;s I live In Saint Helens Oregon

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